Privacy policy 1.6.2022

Register and contact information

T:mi Joni Lehtinen (y-tunnus: 3161400-5)

Papinkatu 21 F29

33200 Tampere

What data is collected?

We are not maintaining any database about customers, but any order related information will be stored together delivery details, payment methods and time of order. Subscription to newsletter is voluntary, and there is no other information stored than email address itself.

How is this data used?

Personal information is used to:

  • Order delivery to correct customer
  • Keep record about order status change during the delivery process
  • Archiving order details
  • Enable cancellations and refund of payments

How long time is personal information maintained?

Personal information is maintained in database as long as it is necessary to perform previously mentioned service. Some information may have to be kept active longer than other data due to accounting and taxation rules, or to be compliant with rules for ensuring consumer privileges and rights.

Handing personal information to a third party

Personal information is provided in the context of payment methods and transactions to enable payments being recognized and products and services delivered to customer.

Customer rights

As a customer you have all rights to:

  • Inspect the stored personal records
  • Request changes to stored personal records
  • Cancel agreement to store personal records
  • Request removal of personal records