Here some additional information and tips regarding upcoming boat trip:

  • Your trip has been ordered and also paid before the boat trip begins. In case of card payments this will happen at the time of entering the boat.
  • To reach your destination on time please be at chosen wharf on time, so that we can also start the journey on time
  • Check your phone in case we have some messages for you before the journey starts
  • Restrooms are available at the harbor, but we do not have any in our vessel 
  • There is no room for smoking during travel, but smoking should be allowed before and after trip at the harbor
  • When having longer journey we will have some visits at selected destinations and harbors, and local services are then enabled
  • Boat has been registered for seven (7) persons and therefore we can take up to six (6) passengers
  • Small pets are welcome if they feel comfortable in a boat
  • It is not mandatory to wear life west when weather and other conditions are normal, but all passengers do have a life west available in cabin
  • Despite of any possible high qualifications for navigation it is not possible for any passengers to operate the boat (unless in case of emergency)
  • It is not allowed to stay on deck while boat is having engine on
  • During our journey we are showing good manners and respect the nature and wildlife at the lake
  • Your driver will choose the speed and route according to weather and other conditions, and there are no compromises in case of safety
  • It is recommended to have a seat when boat is in the move
  • Avoid keeping your legs and arms outside the boat seating area when we are approaching the wharf
  • We have to cancel our journey in case of bad weather conditions (thunderstorm, heave rainfall, strong winds, large waves, mist, fog, etc.)
  • We do plan our available times looking at weather forecast few days ahead, so cancellations are not so likely
  • You will have full refund in case of cancellations due to weather or other conditions explained by our company
  • You will have full refund in case of cancellation one day before the travel due to any own cause
  • You will have half refund in case of cancellation on day of travel due to any own cause 
  • You will not have any refund if missing the departure time or your group having any other cause preventing the start of the journey
  • In case of other than default destinations we reserve right to propose alternative route and navigation to nearby destination due to safety reasons

Very often your journey begins or ends to city wharf, and our default one is next to the bridge of Laukonsilta at Laukontori. This wharf is dedicated for picking up passengers for cruises and is common with multiple operators. In case the wharf is fully occupied there is also visitor parking area next to bridge. We can also bring and pick up sauna restaurant Kuuma customers from their own wharf next to terrace:


Thank you for reading this all and we welcome you to the boat to enjoy Finnish summer at Lake Pyhäjärvi!


Your driver has qualifications for a boat up to 24m and 12 passengers, certificate for coastal navigation, first aid training, and about 35 years experience maneuvering miscellaneous boats in Finnish lakes without accidents.

Passengers are not allowed to operate the boat under normal conditions.

It is not allowed to stay on deck when boat is on the move or engine on.

Small pets are welcome in case the feel comfortable in a boat. We do not have life west for different sizes of pet animal, but you can consider bringing your own gear.

We do plan our available timeslots looking at weather forecast. This helps keeping the scheduled trips as planned and you also get to your destinations on time.



We may to cancel the trip or go back to departure or nearby destination in case the weather conditions get worse. Typically such a change in weather does not come any surprise but can be seen hour or two in advance.

We also reserve right to stay in harbor in case of strong wind and large waves. This is different than at sea, but Lake Pyhäjärvi can develop quite bad condition in case of continued strong south-west wind. Other wind directions do not normally create any problem at lake.

Occasional rainfall or showers are fine, and we can have the soft-top on to provide shelter.

Finnish summer is very bright and there is no need to navigate in the dark. However, we do have all the needed gear to operate in the dark as well.

We do not store cash or any valuables in the boat.