Laukko express 140 eur

Laukko manor concerts, restaurant, cafe, shop and exhibitions are now one hour away from city of Tampere. Travel by boat with you own group and enjoy lake views before program starts at manor. See more details from Laukko manor website and buy event tickets as well.

Our offer includes one way ticket up to six (6) passengers, but we recommend max five (5) to have enough legroom and a comfortable seat during the journey. Default schedule for event days is as follows:

  • Departure from Tampere Laukontori latest at 15:45
  • Arrival to Laukko manor latest at 17:00
  • Return around 20-20:30
  • Arrival to Tampere around 21-21:30

Please book the both directions for a return ticket (i.e. trip to Laukko and return to Tampere is sold separately). Return ticket with 15% discount (238eur) and discount is added automatically in cart.

Any other wharf is also fine to start and finish your journey, so let us know your preference before the day of travel. See also the available maps for our normal connections.

We can do also other destinations next to Vesilahti and Lempäälä, so have a look at the map above for some other examples.

Following options are available to travel by boat to Laukko manor events:

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140,00 €

One way ticket to Laukko manor (or back to Tampere) to enjoy local program. We can take max six (6) passengers.